Wishes & Dishes

$ 38.00

We believe in celebrating birthdays with a few special traditions to make the day special. When I was young, my parents let me plan a birthday party with friends only every three years. Most of the time we celebrated more simply just with family. Oddly enough, I remember those family birthday years with more clarity and fondness than any other. We always picked our favorite meals for breakfast, dinner, and of course a special dessert. We also had a special birthday plate to use that day. 

We designed this special birthday plate with love and care, in hopes that it will make each person feel special on their birthday. Featuring storks, the herald of new babies, and a family of quail surrounding a birthday cake. We hope this little plate brings a bit of joy to your birthday celebrations.

A tradition to be used in the celebration of a birthday. The plate is used to serve the birthday child’s favorite dessert, and the bag collects the child’s wishes. 


Set of a ceramic dish, 3 sheets of wish papers with space for name & wish, heirloom tin, silkscreened linen bag & instructions.

Made of tin and ceramic.

Made in China.