Store Manager (Provo, Utah)

The Store Manager leads the team by connecting with customers through an omni-channel retail experience.  Their goal is to create an environment that is engaging, educational and inspiring to driving sales and foster continual team development to create a natural culture of creativity, collaboration, innovation, trust, and tradition.  

Customer Experience

  • Customer Engagement: cultivates a welcoming environment by focusing primarily on exceptional and genuine customer experiences that are uplifting, efficient, and result in sincere friendship
  • Service and Selling Culture: utilizes best practices and innovates strategies to empower and reinforce a service and selling culture; motivates all to cultivate customer relationships by specific training and example.
  • Multi-Channel Experience: leads the team to provide a frictionless customer experience by utilizing technology to transact in the moment and exceed customer expectations.
  • Community Impact: fosters a meaningful connection to the community by networking with local businesses, artists, and organizations to identify potential opportunities for community engagement and store events.
  • Emphasis on Education: encourages deep learning by connecting the team and customers with the brand through product interaction, virtual engagement, event promotion, and workshop participation.

Leadership + Team Management 

  • Invest in Talent: develops a proactive talent strategy and interviews regularly to build a network of talent to add creative ability and experience to the team
  • Engagement and Retention: engages the team to fuel growth; partners with other leaders to facilitate thoughtful onboarding for all new hires to drive a strong brand, customer and store connection
  • Development: prioritizes team growth by effectively scheduling time allocated for development; identifies brand related initiatives for employee recognition, and team-building. 

Visual + Business Operations

  • Manage Operations: oversees and collaborates with the leadership team to plan a strategic approach to daily, weekly, and monthly operating procedures; actively assesses sales forecasts, staff scheduling, and payroll management and adjusts accordingly
  • Ownership and Accountability: assesses store business using company reporting tools to identify opportunities for the store and brand while empowering the team to make strategic and creative sales-impacting decisions.
  • Visual Execution: guides and supports the creative process to ensure timely and effective execution of visual merchandising and display while maintain a high standard of cleanliness throughout the store.
  • Product Flow: ensures product flow processes including timely shipment of store product, store/warehouse transfers are prioritized and executed efficiently to positively impact sales and the customer experience. 

Communication + Relationships  

  • Communication Leader: fosters open communication and teamwork to ensure a collaborative environment; responds to all communication in a timely manner and ensures important company information reaches all levels of the team
  • Scheduling Expectations: educates the team on scheduling expectations while maintaining team availability, requests off, and skill set to ensure scheduling equality and ideal staffing levels
  • Feedback Loop: provides store and product insights related to the customer experience and store team to leadership on a consistent and systematic basis. 

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