Sweethearts Jewelry

$ 150.00


Pieces of jewelry have the unique ability to become keepers of our past. We invite them into our most pivotal and most quotidian moments, carrying them on our very bodies through our day-to-day experiences, an intimate and quiet companion to all we experience in this world.

Jewelry of the past had such detail and sentiment that is rare to find in jewelry made today. However, these Victorian-inspired pieces of jewelry designed and handmade in England, are small pieces of perfection. A heart-shaped locket with detailed filigree is a rather perfect gift for anytime of year, to capture a small memory inside and carry it with you. Or perhaps you love something with a bit of energy, like this spinning love token necklace. 

If rings are more your style, we love these two detailed pieces that will be treasures for generations to come. 


Made of sterling silver plated in 18k gold

Handmade in England

Chain lengths 16"-18"

Care Instructions: remove your jewelry when exercising, showering or swimming as water will contribute to tarnishing of your jewelry. For gold plated items you can use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt, as needed. Dry with a soft microfiber cloth and store in a ziplock bag or acid-free tissue.