Home Care Companions

$ 8.40 $ 12.00


Our Home Care Companions provide invaluable assistance with maintaining a visually pleasing and purposeful home. They allow you to easily attain an attractive and intentional living space.


Kitchen Brushes



  • Dish Brush: 3.15"
  • Vegetable Brush: 5.12"
  • Mushroom Brush: 2"

Made of plant-based fiber and untreated beechwood.

Made in Germany.


Computer Laptop Brush

Use the soft goat hairbrush for a quick clean that is nice and easy. The darker horsehair brush has stiffer bristles to get into the crevices of your laptop. For the person in your life that works regularly on their computer, this is a great gift.


Made of double-layered goat and horsehair.

Made in Europe.


 Nut Cracker


Measures 5.11" in length.

Made of FSC beech wood.

Made in Europe.


Hang It Pegs

sold in a set of two