Hand-Carved Norwegian Flowergirl Candleholder

$ 298.00


Housed in a three-hundred-year-old timber home in the snow-covered hills of the Norse countryside, the shop of Henning carries on the Norwegian tradition of woodcarving.

Henning Engelsen began carving in 1947, initially inspired by the wildlife and folktales of old Norway. Not long after, he opened his shop, and called the wood-carving company “Henning.” It has been said that his dream was to create a world of wood-carved figures that radiate joy and humanity and inspire us to rise above the ordinary. His two daughters have carried on their father’s woodcarving tradition, carving the same figures their father did, having learned by carving at his side in their childhood and youth.

The Norwegian Flowergirls are carved and painted entirely by hand.


Measures 14" in height and 11" arm span.

Made of wood.

Made in Norway.