Spring Parade Basket

$ 98.00

This Spring Parade Basket is ready to be filled with gifts and treats! Whether it's filled with Easter eggs or with gifts for a new mother and baby, this cloth embroidered basket is perfect for Easter morn or baby shower goodies. 

Enjoy scenes of foxes, bunnies, cats, and baby chicks holding lilies of the valley and bluebonnet flowers as they march in the holiday parade. Follow the pink bud trim along the basket to see a baby lamb and deer adorned in ribbons. This unique embroidered basket is a great addition to your children’s Easter celebrations. 




Measures 7" × 7"

Strap measures 8"

 Embroidered on 100% felt. Felt lined.

The strap is cotton canvas.

Spot clean as needed. The Easter Parade Basket ships folded. Upon arrival, unfold and open the bucket. Iron the inside of the bucket with a warm iron. Once crisp and creaseless, fill the bucket with anything you want!

Does not included contents. Basket only sold.