Christmas Incense Cones

$ 6.00


These incense cones are made in the USA with nostalgic scents like Red Hots, Rocky Mountain Spruce, and a few that will take you far away with Frankincense and Orient. 

Red Hots: Remember those small cinnamon imperial candies with the delightful cinnamon kick? 

Rocky Mountain Spruce: The scent that stems straight from the Rocky Mountain region of the great US. 

Frankincense: Let's be frank with one another, frankly speaking, this is the original incense and traditionally a popular gift except for that time the little drummer boy played his best. 

Orient: This is another blended woodsy scent with traces of cedar wood, citrus, and patchouli oils. As sure as the sun sets in the east, this scent will surely spruce up your atmosphere


Handmade in the USA 

Each bag contains 10 incense cones