Advent Candles with Gold Lettering

$ 12.00


As a little girl, our family's December evenings revolved around a magic twenty minutes we called "Tree Time." December first, we filled the coffee table with all the Christmas candles we'd received from neighbors and friends over the years. Each night, once we were all cozy in our pajamas, we'd turn off all the lights in the house and light all of the candles, with the Christmas tree lights twinkling their cheery colors as well.

Some nights we'd read stories, some nights we'd sing carols, and some nights we'd just visit with each other. It was a wonderful way to feel warm inside on the days leading up to Christmas.

This advent countdown candle invites the same tradition. It is marked with 24 notches, to burn through slowly each night leading up to Christmas. We love this tradition, as it gives families and friends an excuse to spend a few minutes together each night soaking in white winter cheer.


Measures 0.87" wide and 11.42" tall.

Made of wax.

Made in Europe.