A Christmas Memory

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Three of Truman Capote's greatest works of short fiction are "One Christmas", "A Christmas Memory", and "The Thanksgiving Visitor" - centered on the author's early years with his family in Alabama. Both pay loving tribute to an eccentric old-maid cousin, Miss Sook Faulk, who quickly became his best friend.

In "A Christmas Memory", Miss Sook, Buddy (the narrator), and their dog, Queenie, celebrate the holidays in a comical tipsy state. In the poignant reminiscence "One Christmas", six-year-old Buddy journeys to New Orleans for a reunion with his estranged father that shatters illusions. "The Thanksgiving Visitor" takes place when Miss Sook invites the school bully, Odd Henderson - "the meanest human creature in my experience" - to Thanksgiving dinner.


 Measures 7.52" x 4.87"

128 pages.