Allison White Nightgowns

$ 58.00


These white cotton nightgowns (long-sleeve and short-sleeve) are just right to wear around the house with a touch of class and comfort. Curl up to read a spooky story, lounge around the house in the evening, or wear it while celebrating the holidays. Cotton nightgowns make great pajamas any time of the year, and we hope they make you feel lovely. Also, shop our Long Sleeve Nightgowns

How to use at Christmas: Wear on December 13th for Santa Lucia Day with a brass candle crown. Or find it under the tree on Christmas Eve, the perfect pajamas. 

How to use at Halloween: These are perfect for curling up to read a spooky story. Keep a candle burning as you read The Woman in White or Dracula late into the evening. Or use one to become a Victorian ghost for your Halloween costume.

How to use at Midsummer: Part of the midsummer magic is the right attire. A white cotton nightie is the right thing to wear while frolicking into the late hours longest day of the year. These Victorian replica nightgowns take you back to another time and add to the mystery of the evening.


  • Allison: square neck, full length, button front with crochet detailing


Measurements: This size chart is based on body measurements. The nightgowns are generally loose, choose size based on your body measurements and the range they fall in.

Size Chart:

 Small Medium Large Extra Large
Dress Size 4-6 8-10 12-14 16
Bust 45-46 47-48 49-50 51-52
Waist 27-33 30-35 34-39 34-39
Hips 43 45 47 49
General Inseam 30-31 30-31 30-31 30-31


Made of 100% cotton.