Popcorn by Frank Asch

$ 18.99

Were you ever left home alone? Sam’s parents did just that as they casually walked down the sidewalk, turned back, and said to him, “Take care of the house---and we’ll bring you a present.”  They were off to a Halloween party!  What is Sam to do? (by the way, Sam is a bear.)  Before you know it, he is on the phone with his friends repeating the same instructions for each of them:  “Come over to my house, wear a costume, and bring something good to eat!”  Most children will think, “Party time, this is great!”  Betty, Billy, Bernie, Bonny, and Buster arrive in various costumes and with the same treat to eat---popcorn!  Kids will enjoy watching the consequences of this little predicament as this delightful story unfolds.  Frank Asch’s simple yet bold illustrations will leave lasting impressions on young readers’ minds.  Could this really happen if you pop that much corn? Did they really eat their way out?  Sam has a problem---his parents will be home soon---and they did say they would bring him a present.  Make sure you have a BIG bowl of popcorn handy as you read this to your little ones!


Have you ever popped this much corn?  How much could you eat?  Do you think your friends would help you clean all that up?  What present should Sam’s parents have brought him instead of popcorn? 

We love you, 

Grandma and Grandpa

P.S. We think we know what we should bring you the next time we come for a visit!

Gift with: Popcorn bowl, popcorn, stuffed bear

Gift to: Anyone who loves popcorn, parents, grandparents, teacher

Occasion: Halloween


Measures 8" x 0.3" x 10".