Sharing the Bread by Pat Zietlow Miller and Jill McElmurry

$ 18.99

“Baste. Boil. Bake a treat.

When can we sit down to eat?”

Energetic rhymes deliver a compelling read aloud that just forces you to get up, start helping, and join in the Thanksgiving fun!  Every member of the family has a job in this household which creates an entertaining series of stanzas featuring mama, daddy, sister, brother, grandpa, grandma, auntie, uncle.  

“Sister, knead the rising dough.

Punch it down then make it grow.

Line your loaves up in a row.

Sister, knead the dough. 

Grandma, bake your pumpkin pie.

Whip the topping light and high.

High enough to reach the sky.

Grandma, bake the pie.”

Author Pat Zietlow Miller dedicated this lovely poetic picture book to her parents “who helped hone my love for food and family.”  Miller’s carefully crafted poem has a rhythmic pattern that comes alive when read aloud. Illustrator Jill McElmurry captures the old-fashioned look of a fall feast and recalls,  “When she was fifteen, her family was invited to Thanksgiving in a giant Queen-Anne-style Victorian house.  Every table was laden with gorgeous treats, and she ate so much she couldn’t stand up straight for two days.”

Take note of the page with uncle,  he can’t even get in the door before he must fill each mug! 

“Uncle, swing the cider jug.

Swing that gallon cider jug.

Pour a drink in every mug.

Uncle, swing the jug.”

Even traditional pilgrim hats are crafted as placemats for all to enjoy.  Each illustration depicts home and family, warmth and love, caring and cooperation---a stir, a wipe, a look in the eye, baby sleeps, oh my. This picture book is meant to be read aloud and shared.  Happy holidays! 

Dear Grandkids,

We will miss you so much at Thanksgiving time.  Here is a new book we are sure you will want to read time and time again as this holiday gets closer. Do you think we look like the Grandma and Grandpa in this poem? We will call and talk to each of you soon.  We are collecting some Thanksgiving memories about our family that we want to share with you.  Some of them are really funny.  Also, think of something you are most grateful for---we are most grateful for you!  Happy bedtime reading!


Grandpa and Grandma

Gift with: Recipe cards, mugs, mixing bowl, platter, wooden spoons, festive table decor, apron, etc.

Gift to: All family members young and old who may live far away, a neighbor who bakes and shares, someone new to the neighborhood, children who love to help in the kitchen, and each family who gathers for Thanksgiving around your table

Occasion: Thanksgiving


Measures 9.44" x 0.39" x 10.31" and 32 pages.

Made of paper and hardcover.