When I was young, my local library had a summer program to get kids reading. They called it BookIt, and each child who participated got a holographic pin with a rainbow and open book on it, and space for five star stickers. You would set your reading goals at the beginning of summer, and each time you achieved one your goals, you could take your pin to Pizza Hut and get a personal pan pizza. Those long lazy afternoons and bedtime reading hours spent in the adventures of a novel are to this day some of my warmest memories of childhood summers.

To this day, we're still big readers here at Heirloom Art & Co. Brad loves historical fiction, with a penchant towards Mark Twain these days. Carolyn's mode of operation typically finds her in the middle of at least 8 books at any given time. Chelsey prefers the classics, specifically those set in England or Scotland, and anything dealing with sheep.

As we planned what collections we would feature over the next four months, we wanted to find ways to add goodness to your summer, making these long hot days full of meaningful memories. We talked through our own dreams for this summer, and immediately the conversation moved to what books we were most excited to read.

So this summer, true to ourselves and to what we think make for incredible memories, we're starting a series of reading subscriptions. We have very carefully selected our favorite books, books that will get you excited about reading, books with meaning, books with heart. Every week or month, we will ship one book to your door, for you to read at your own pace and then anxiously anticipate the next arriving. We have also built a ten percent discount into each subscription, because we believe in physical books and want to reward those who believe the same. We hope these books will be wonderful additions to your bedtime routine, your library shelves, and your sunny summer days.

See the whole set of Reading Subscriptions here.

Children's Classics

$118 - 6 books or $236 - 12 books

This subscription is set of our most beloved picture books from our own childhoods. We love how each book in this subscription offers a different experience. Pick blueberries with Sal and her mother in Blueberries for Sal. Anticipate the first snowfall of the year with White Snow Bright Snow. Get tied up in mischievous monkey business in Caps for Sale. Cozy in for a sweet sleep with Goodnight Moon. This subscription will warm the hearts of children, parents, and grandparents, as they reflect back on their own childhood memories and make new ones with the next generation.


Books that Teach Virtues

$124 - 6 books

Some of the most poignant lessons to young minds come from the stories they read. This subscription includes some of our favorite books for teaching virtues. Readers will experience stories of endurance, conservation, kindness, and practicality, all in the pages of some of the most beautifully illustrated books.


Literary Greats, in Picture

$174 - 6 books

The world's best stories ever told, in the absolute prettiest bindings we could find. All hard cover, most cloth bound with embossing. All include color illustrations. These are the sorts of books you want to hold in your hands, over and over again, because of how they are printed, and because of how important the stories are within. 


"This Is..." Globetrotters

$240 - 12 books

Miroslav Sasek shines in this collection of children's travel guides to big cities around the world. Each features true facts about the city, as well as delightful watercolors of the folks, food, and fame of some of the globe's favorite places. Board the underground at Piccadilly Circus in This is London, slide your hand in the "Mouth of Truth" in This is Rome, and ride a rickshaw through the bustling Chinese streets in This is Hong Kong.

A wonderful way for young minds to get to know the cultures, sights, and modes of living of foreign places. This Globetrotter subscription is sure to delight explorers of all ages. 


Lifestyle Collection

$115 - 6 books

Featuring books from cultures the globe over, this subscription includes some of our favorites for crafting a life of beauty, learning, and happiness. Not only is each book a great read: they are each designed beautifully, and are all hardcover. A joy to read thoroughly, or just to flip through.





Heirloom Art & Co. Favorites

$153 - 6 books

If you were to come into our shop and ask for recommendations, these are the six books we would unequivocally recommend. We've searched out the most elegant copies available of each. These are books that teach character, that enlighten our minds about the world around us, and that inspire us to treat those in our lives with more kindness, wisdom, and encouragement. We know from personal experience with these pages will elevate the days you spend in them.





Roald Dahl

$148 - 8 books

The imaginative storylines of Roald Dahl come alive in this collection of hardbound books. Travel with James across the ocean in a giant peach. Explore Willy Wonka's magical chocolate factory. Go on a midnight chicken heist with Mr. Fox. These stories will bring delight, laughter, and wonder to readers of all ages.  


View all Reading Subscriptions here. Happy reading!

June 19, 2018 — Carolyn Carter

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