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Favorites of Heirloom Art & Co.

$ 153.00

We are pretty decent readers here at Heirloom Art & Co. At least we try to be, try to always be in the throes of a good book. Brad loves historical fiction, with a penchant towards Mark Twain these days. Carolyn's slowness in reading she makes up for in sheer quantity of books attempted: she's currently in the middle of nine books. Chelsey prefers the classics, specifically those set in England or Scotland, and any book involving sheep.

The books we value most are those that teach character, that enlighten our minds about the world around us, and that inspire us to treat those in our lives with more kindness, wisdom, and encouragement.

If you were to come into our shop and ask for recommendations, these are the six books we would unequivocally recommend. We've searched out the most elegant copies available of each. We know from personal experience with these pages will elevate the days you spend in them.

Includes 6 books, one mailed each month. Price includes a book subscription discount, as well as all shipping costs. We will contact you upon purchase to get shipping address information.

Give to: the person who's read everything, or the person who is looking to get lost in a good book

Give as: a jumpstart to getting back into good reading habits

Give with: a journal for writing thoughts, connections, and inspirations; a bedside carafe for late-night reading

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