You may be familiar with the artwork of Brian Kershisnik and Steve Vistaunet, each unique and celebrated in their own right. But did you know they're also talented musicians? This month, Heirloom Art & Co. is excited to bring you the musical talents of Brian Kershisnik and Steve Vistaunet in a concert celebrating the release of their first album.

Join us for a free, family-friendly concert.
Concert 7:00 - 8:15pm
After-Party 8:15 - 9:00pm

Concert 7:00 - 8:15pm
After-Party 8:15 - 9:00pm

Seating is limited. To reserve a spot, please call (801)802-6064 or submit the form below. We'll send you a confirmation email with your reservations.

About Tiny Bicycle Parade

Brian and Steve have each been playing music since they were kids. There are some people who still question whether they have properly grown up yet. They started playing music together almost a decade ago. Their joint music project emerged out of a desire to preserve something they both value highly—the need to play music.  Their weekly rehearsals in Steve’s basement to an audience of action figures became a refuge and at times a life saver. Their first album, Tiny Bicycle Parade, is the product of these Thursday night music rituals. They are delighted to share these songs with you.

About Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik grew up happily dividing his time between living oversees (his father's work as a petroleum geologist took his family to various continents across the globe) and spending summers with his cousins in Wyoming. After taking architecture and ceramics classes in college, he became interested in studying art. He began by studying ceramics, but once he tried painting, it changed everything. Today, he lives and works in Provo, Utah.

About Steve Vistaunet

Steve Vistaunet grew up in Newport Beach, California. As far back as he can remember, he has loved to draw and play the piano. He says, “Drawing and music make me happy. The perfect day for me during my youth, was to sit at my desk, play my favorite record, and either draw or play along with the song. And to be honest, that is still my perfect day!”