"This Is..." Book Series by Miroslav Sasek

$ 17.95

Title: This Is...

Miroslav Sasek shines in this collection of children's travel guides to big cities around the world. Each features true facts about the city, as well as delightful watercolors of the folks, food, and fame of some of the globe's favorite places. Board the underground at Piccadilly Circus in This is London, slide your hand in the "Mouth of Truth" in This is Rome, and ride a rickshaw through the bustling Chinese streets in This is Hong Kong.

A wonderful way for young minds to get to know the cultures, sights, and modes of living of foreign places.

Give to: children who are bright-eyed and curious about other countries, the world traveler, the student or stay-at-home mom anxious to get out and see the world

Give as: a consolation gift to your spouse in a stretch of years when you aren't able to travel; a graduation gift to one about to embark on life's journey

Give with: a globe; monthly date nights to restaurants (Chinese with This is Hong Kong, Greek with This is Greece, etc.)


Measures 9" x 12.5".