Nativity Paper Garland

$ 24.00


The story of the birth of Jesus Christ has been told far and wide. This garland tells the story of a starry night with a mother and father near, heavenly angels, a bright star, shepherds watching their flocks by night, and one special and sweet babe. We are excited to share with you this exclusive nativity we designed with an artist based in Glasgow and then printed in India. Hand-printed three-meter long paper garland, featuring ten screen printed paper shapes of different festive items. The garland is printed on both sides on thick, handmade cotton paper. The shapes are sewn in a random order along strong cotton thread, with hanging loops on either end, meaning you can hang your garland straight away!

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Please note, that every garland is hand-printed so may vary slightly from the photograph, this just adds to the charm!


Set of 10 paper shapes, sewn along a strong cotton thread.

Measures 3 meters long.

Made of paper screen printed by hand on both sides.

Made in Jaipur.