Mudroom Essentials

$ 14.00


Small Wedge


Measures 5.5" x 1".

Made of FSC oak.

Made in England.


Oak Boot Jack

Use it to scrape mud off your boots or use it to help you get your boots off, some people even call it a boot pull. In my childhood home, we always had a room called the "mud room" where we stored our shoes and coats. We weren't allowed to go further into the house without taking our shoes off, because we loved the mud a bit too much. This boot jack would have been well used in our home then. It seems like a perfect gift for a father, brother, or husband now. 

Oak boot jack is a solid tool to have by the back steps. Keep hands clean and take boots or rainboots off with ease.


Measures 14" long.

Made of white oak wood.

Made in England.