Language Blocks

$ 48.00


How many languages are spoken in your home? With many public schools embracing language immersion programs, the importance of learning a second (or third) language at a young age is beneficial to general aptitude and learning. Yet it is the draw of learning about other nations and cultures that is furthered by truly being able to speak another language. Starting small is the best way with simple words, numbers, and letters to practice your spelling in a new language. Each of these sets of blocks attempts to embody the language and culture of individual nations. The design of each language set is unique and reflects common motifs and themes consistent with the design language of each national identity.

Give to: a child or adult that is learning a new language or as a baby gift for parents who speak multiple languages

Give with: a classic story from the native land, see our selection of language books.

Give as: an encouragement to start simple but learn much.


Measures 28" to 1.75" basswood cubes.

Made of wood and printed using child-safe inks.

Made in the U.S.A.