Gold Candleholder Clip

$ 24.00

In an attempt to recreate the scene of stars twinkling through the German evergreens, it's believed that Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, was the first person to add candles to a Christmas tree. This practice has been adopted over the centuries as a way to add beauty and light to the home during the Christmas season. 

These gold clip candle holders allow you to continue that long-standing tradition in a more functional and secure way. After fastening the clips on the branches of a freshly cut tree, insert candles, and see if you can envision the same German night sky Martin Luther was hoping to replicate during that 16th-century evening.

We use these additional chime candles to put in the candle clips, simply squeeze the prongs in tighter before placing the candle to make sure it is secure. 


Sold as a set of 10

Measures 1.5" and works best for candles with a 0.5" base.

Made of metal.

Made in Germany.