German Dollhouse Dolls

$ 30.00


The adults are approximately 5" (13cm) tall. The children are approximately 3.5" (10cm) tall. All of the dolls bend at the waist, so they can sit or stand. The body of the doll is all wood with a wooden hinge at the waist. The arms of most of the dolls are also hinged at the shoulder, using a string, so they do have some arm movement as well.

Each doll is hand-painted, the faces and bodies, so there are slight variations between them. The clothes are made from wool, cotton, and occasionally some of the trimmings are other materials. There may be slight variations in textiles used.  The hair is made of thread. They are of incredible quality, handmade in Germany.


Measures 3.15" to 5.12".

Made of hand-carved limewood and hand-painted with oil paints.

Made in Germany.