Celtic Lap Harp

$ 92.00

As a child, instruments were fascinating. I truly believed I was making beautiful music, but I doubt my mother agreed. However, in our shop I have the opposite to be true with these lap harps. They in people of all age ranges that want to pluck out a familiar tune and it always sounds beautiful. Even a child who can't follow the notes somehow plucks out a beautiful tune.

So if you want to add some lively music to your home, this lap harp is perfect. The basic design of this beautiful harp makes it possible for anyone of any age to master it. 

Lap harp comes with tuning set and pack of standard folk songs. For additional music packs, select from the dropdown menu.

Give to: Anyone yearning for the peace and serenity of sweet music.

Give with: Fortune Telling Book of Colors to bring the colors to life.

Give as: An unexpected but charming St. Patrick’s Day Gift


Made of walnut or birch.
Dimensions: 8" x 15"
Each music pack includes sheet music for 12 songs.

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