Valet Hook

$ 170.00

My grandfather was an accountant and moved in many professional circles that required him to dress up most days. He was always careful to hang up his suit jackets with care because he knew the kind of work my grandmother put in to have them pressed and ready for him regularly. He wanted to ease her many burdens. I have always been inspired by the little things they do to show their love for each other.

While the days of a personal valet are long gone, there is something so elegant about this brass valet hook. We love things that are both beautiful and useful, and this valet hook is one of them. It helpful for prepping clothing in the closet; choosing clothing, matching, and steaming before you put the item on. Or put it in the office so suit coats stay fresh and wrinkle-free between meetings. 


Measures 14.25” wide x 9.25” high x 5.25” deep.

Made of solid brass.

Made in India.

Care instructions: clean with a dry cloth.