Patio Bell with Plain Bracket

$ 112.00

Patio Bell: Bevin Bells is a six generation family-run business that has been crafting in East Hampton, Connecticut, since 1832. Known as the only dedicated bell manufacturer in the United States, they offer the most extensive variety of bells in the world. Two generations of experience go into the creation of every single bell; each ring with a brilliance all their own. The story behind these bells is a fitting example of what we cherish here at Heirloom-- family and genuine craft.

Call the kids for dinner, ring for another round, recognize great service, add panache to the new deck – the possibilities are endless with this classic Brass Patio Bell. Highly polished and lacquered, and easily mountable. Can be mounted with a simple bracket. 


Your little family isn't so little anymore, so I thought that this bell would suit your new household perfectly. It truly is the most effective way to call all of the kids in for dinner; I can attest. My mother used to have one just like it that she used to call us in! Those may have been different times, but there is still something special about the sound of a bell. 

Love always, Dad

Gift with: brass house numbers, a small potted plant, or a dinner menu notepad

Give to: a child with a family of their own, a farming friend, a beloved teacher

Occasion: housewarming, end of school-year thank you, sprucing up the porch


Measures 6".

Made of metal.

Made in the U.S.A.