Classic Letter Openers

$ 16.00


Rekindle the art of writing and opening letters with this handy and stylish sword letter opener. Whether used regularly or simply to add a classical touch as a desk ornament, this letter opener will serve as the ideal gift for the administrative or literary-minded friend in your life.

The letter opener has developed in form and function over time from the medieval pen knife. The penknife was used for many hundreds of years as a means of trimming and sharpening the points of quill pens and early pencils. As such they earned a permanent spot on desks and in offices across the developed world. As the means of sending and sealing letters evolved so did the form of the penknife as it developed into the specifically crafted letter opening implement we know today.

Give to: the daring writer, with a tongue that cuts like swords.

Give as: a father's day gift

Give with: a handwritten letter of your own and Rules for A Knight.



  • Fox: 6" in length - Made of brass.
  • Horse: 6.25" in length - Made of brass.
  • Sword: 7" in length - Made of brass.
  • Hand: 6" in length - Made of pewter. 

Made in the U.S.A.