Our favorite season of book-buying at Heirloom Art & Co. is November and December. We've curated a collection of Christmas books rich with meaning and memories. While we don't think you need to own every book in our store, there are a few that we believe every home should have. One of these books is the Wintertime Tales story collection. Each winter at our home this book is anticipated with eagerness. As we pull out boxes of Christmas decorations, the box of Christmas books is second only to the nativities in order of eagerness and anticipation. We love opening the box of books and remembering that time we laughed till we cried or felt a swelling of holiday cheer as we sang, read or whispered the words. Wintertime Tales is among our most cherished. 

This treasury curated and compiled by Noel Daniel is timeless in every sense.  Each of the 13 tales from around the world are paired with their original art. The stories themselves are the real treasure: read your way from well-known tales like "The Friendly Beasts" and "The Night Before Christmas" to folktales from around the world like "Moy Moy," "The Red Horse" and "Children of the Northlights." The stories are intended to dazzle the imagination and bring a global sense of the season with all its varied richness and warmth.

In our home, we have added an interactive element to this particular book. Because the stories are so distinct, we have collected an ornament to go with each one. Keeping the ornaments in a box, we unwrap one ornament nightly, add it to our tree, and read the corresponding story. You could easily create this tradition from ornaments you already have, start creating your own collection, or take home the ornament collection we've put together. Wintertime Tales is an heirloom in its technical sense (hardbound, vibrant illustrations, and richness of text) but we've found that adding the ornaments gives it staying power. 

Giving the gift of family tradition is stronger than almost any other offering. An heirloom only truly becomes such as it is connected to memory, becoming another fiber woven into the family tapestry. In this way, the heirloom outlasts a single generation and becomes a true tradition. As a dad I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the nurturing of my children in this way.

Our Wintertime Tales tradition might be something grandparents do at their home to get the grandchildren there regularly, or it could be a gift shared with neighbors to be read through in one night. However you choose to include it in your home and the homes of those you love, we hope you find in it the same goodness, mirth and holiday cheer that we have.

Our Black Friday Offer: At Heirloom, we value family time too much to get ourselves mixed up in the Black Friday craziness. We are part of the growing movement to reclaim the weekend after Thanksgiving for family togetherness. One of our favorite things to do together on this weekend is read. We are so sincere about this and about getting Wintertime Tales in every home that our "Black Friday special" this weekend is giving Wintertime Tales to you at cost. Order online using code WINTERTIMETALES, call us at 801 802 6064 or drop buy for your copy. Normally $40 you can get it now through Monday for $25.

November 22, 2017 — Brad Roberts


Randi capell said:

Hello, I’m loving this tradition of opening an ornament while reading this book but I’m not seeing a way to purchase this. Is it sold as a set? None of the ornaments are available on your site either…help:)

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