Summer is well upon us and we are eagerly reading. Books and chocolate go hand in hand, and it is one of our favorite gifts to give. Something to feed the soul and the stomach. We asked each of our employees to pair their favorite book with a corresponding chocolate for some delightful summer reading.


The Alchemist x Mirzam Dark Chocolate with Arabic Bread

Discovering your personal journey may not require you to sell all your sheep and cross arid deserts, as Santiago must in Paulo Cohelo’s The Alchemist, but there is much to be learned in this young man’s journey. This book is a wonderful allegorical read, as you consider your personal journey and how people and places are an integral part life. Read while eating this delicious Mirzam chocolate with crumbled ragag, arabic bread. —Chelsey


The Count of Monte Cristo x  Dick Taylor's Fleur de Sel Chocolate

The Count of Monte Cristo is a quintessential story of revenge and redemption. Alexandre Dumas’ intricately crafted characters will have you sorrowing in their trials and celebrating their triumphs. It’s truly a book that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. Read while savoring this Fleur de Sel chocolate for a treat as classic as the tale.—Tyler


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x Isle of Sky Dea Salt Dark Chocolate

I’ve loved mystery novels from a young age, and my fascination began with a well loved copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The book is broken into 12 riveting stories involving dangerous serpents, identity theft, murders, mysterious packages, and other precarious predicaments. The ending to each tale is as surprising and delightful as the sea salt found in our Isle of Skye Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar. —Hannah


The Little Book of Hygge x Lemon & Poppyseed White Chocolate

I love a good “self-help” book and The Little Book of Hygge definitely has some of the best tips out there on how to live a happier life. The Danish culture adds a fresh perspective to practices that may feel mundane at times. I love that I can pick it up anytime, without having to save my place, and thumb through its pages admiring the colorful illustrations paired with inspiring stories. Read while eating this Rococo Lemon and Poppyseed White chocolateafter all, the Danes would approve of your decision to indulge in such a gourmet treat. —Aliza


The Secret Garden x Markham & Fitz Ooh La Lavender Chocolate

I’m half way through the book right now but so far I find it so charming and beautifully written and eager to see what happens in the end, what happens to Mary and the secret garden that know one has been in for 10 years!? And what happens to this once stubborn and despised little orphan who is starting to truly discover herself and have more light and beauty within her that others are now starting to see?—Tori


David Copperfield x Dick Taylor's Brown Butter w/Nibs and Sea Salt

I haven’t had a chance to share how much I love David Copperfield. My love for Dickens runs deep for his seasonal charm, familial reverie, exaggerated characters and social reproof. David Copperfield has all of that along with a gentle cadence of a simple life that moves you through deep wells of human emotion, sacrifice, loss and triumph. I would pair it with Dick Taylor’s Brown Butter, Nibs & sea salt for the beautifully imagery of a ship on the packages and the rich taste of home cooking, exotic decadence, and hints of the seaside. This book is long so you may need several bars to get you through it. Grab a tissue box while you are at it.—Brad


The Secret Therapy of Trees x Fruition Brown Butter Milk Chocolate

The dancing of light through branches, fluttering of leaves, and a breeze of fresh air. For many of us, nature is where we feel the greatest calm. In The Secret Therapy of Trees, learn about the healing connection between humankind and trees, as well as the types of green space that is best suited for you. Pair this book with a bar of Fruition brown butter milk chocolate for an added touch of comfort, and find a quiet spot outdoors for the ultimate self care day. —Sheia


Frankenstein x Isle of Skye Sea Salt Chocolate 

Frankenstein is one of those novels that somehow worked it’s way onto my list of favorite books. Starting off at sea, the novel draws you with the narrative of a young Frankenstein in love with chemistry and his pursuit in that field. Ultimately his drive to learn and do more leads to the creation of a creature with white eyes and yellow skin. I’m sure the chocolate will be all gone before you are half way through the book. Sure to keep you on the edge of your seat Frankenstein is a must read during this summer and quarantine.—Carol


Out of Africa x Dark Chocolate w/Figs, Star Anise & Cinnamon

The Ngong farm is not green and lush, it is dry and almost burnt like, but it can grow acres and acres of coffee. Isak Dinesen’s account of the years she spent living on the farm, learning to tell tales, relationships she builds with the people who work on her farm and a boy named Kamante, who she personally saves. This gifted narrator paired with a rich dark chocolate with star anise & figs, will have you feeling as though you have had your own African Adventure! —Lesa


A Mind Awake x Markham & Fitz Brain Food Chocolates

On our life's journey, we each naturally yearn to acquire new wisdom each day; to expand our perception of the world. In this curated compilation of Christian writings from C.S. Lewis, one can be inspired by his insight on the countless topics that life presents us with. Although we may not be C.S. Lewis, we each carry within us a growing wisdom of our own. To nourish your mind, read while eating this delicious Brain Food dark chocolate with wild organic dried blueberries, almonds, cashews, and superfood powders.—Morgan


Roald Dahl x Popping Candy Artisan Chocolate

Summer is the perfect time for reawakening the child within you, and there’s no better way than with Roald Dahl’s imaginative stories. Travel with James across the ocean in a giant peach. Explore a  magical chocolate factory with little Charlie Bucket. Go on a midnight chicken heist with Mr. Fox. These tales are among my all-time favorites—enchanting, delightful, and full of the kind of wonder that brightens readers of any age. Each book is printed with a different color font and includes Quentin Blake's original illustrations. Read with our Popping Candy chocolate bar for surprising explosions that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of. —Carolyn


Happy reading. And eating!  


June 19, 2020 — Heirloom Staff


Lesa said:

Thank you for sharing all of these great books!! Time to enjoy the beach, mountains or my own backyard while I read and enjoy a chocolate treat!

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