This month we have put together a collection of classic works and secondary sources which we believe will provide a wonderful introduction to the worlds of mythology, philosophy, history and ancient thought. From deluxe cloth bound editions to beautifully illustrated guides, whether you are an expert or new to reading the classics, our heirloom collection has something for you.

What we know today as the ancient classics of Greece and Rome broke new ground in their times and also laid the foundation for the literary tradition of the western world and civilization as we know it today. 

Through studying and understanding these works of literature we all have unprecedented access to the seed of so many facets of the world that are taken for granted. However, as things stand very few people are aware of, let alone read the ancient classics. 

We aim to remedy that with the Heirloom Ancient Classics collection. Inspired by personal study of the classics at university, I have hand picked those which played such a huge part in opening my heart and mind to a boundlessly rich ancient world. I have also made selections from other spheres of influence and those which come highly recommended, bringing together a wonderfully varied collection of world classics.


The Iliad
A fascinating fusion of ancient history and myth, The Iliad is the first of the works attributed to Homer. Set during the fabled Trojan War between the Greeks and the people of Troy It serves as an introduction to the world of the ancient Greeks, their culture, faith, and traditions and a fascinating tale of godly contention, war, love, lust and otherworldly heroics. Estimated to have been composed in the 8th century BC reading The Iliad is a fantastic link to the ancient world. Through our modern translations this work is a surprisingly readable and enjoyable foray into the epics for all ages and abilities.


The Odyssey

Seen by many as the sequel to The IliadThe Odyssey draws on the vast world introduced in its predecessor and expands on the stories and characters as Odysseus and his men begin their perilous journey home from war. Those unfamiliar with The Odyssey will immediately recognize mythological themes, characters and tropes which permeate culture even to this day. As you read the more you will come to understand the impact Homer has had on our world and what an incredibly important place his poetry has in this history of literature.

The Aeneid

The Aeneid
 is an incredibly interesting work. Both as a stand alone tale but also as a development of Greek Homeric themes and traditions through a Roman lens. The Aeneid can be seen in many ways a Greek epic adapted for a Roman audience, but also as another Iliad sequel forging its own path.  However you see it the work of Virgil introduced many readers to an understanding of Roman gods, customs and society. In that sense The Aeneid was incredibly successful in its purpose as Virgil's motivation behind the work was one of promoting, Roman identity, values and morality against the background of a rapidly changing Roman empire.

The Histories

Agreed by most to be the first work of history in the western world Herodotus seeks to highlight the history of the Greek world and its surroundings and to highlight the contemporary situation in which he found himself. The Histories serves as a fascinating window into the ancient Greek world and as I discovered in my extracurricular studies, is incredibly helpful in understanding and learning from other ancient Greek works of the era.



The epic poem of Ovid written in the Greek style from the Roman perspective presents the a grand history of all creation from the stories of the gods and the creation of the world right up to the reign of Julius Caesar during the life of Ovid himself. Much like The Histories, Metamorphoses is indispensable in giving the modern reader an introduction to the world of the ancients and Rome as was contemporary to Virgil. And also to the circumstances and thought which inspired The Aeneid. Being influenced by the works of Homer Metamorphoses has been massively influential in the art and literature of the western world to this day.


D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths

This charming colorful book serves as the perfect companion to Greek Myth for children and adults alike. The information contained within is rich and factual yet surprisingly accessible and readable. Complimented by beautifully unique and colorful illustrations, as an introduction or a companion guide this book will appeal to people of all ages and experience levels.



D'Auaires Book of Norse Myths

Following in the D'Auaires Myth series, this entry covers the enchanting world of Norse Mythology. Opening with a vast colorful map of the nine worlds of Norse Myth the book goes on to populate this universe with famous names such as Thor, Odin and Loki . In a deep yet easily accessible manner It goes on to tell the crucial tales which shape this world from the creation of the world and mankind to Ragnarok and the doom of the gods themselves. 


These books have been some of the most thought provoking I have ever read and have built in me a great foundation of knowledge and love for  literature. Nothing compares to the classics and we are so happy to have been able to compile and present this beautiful collection. 

August 21, 2018 — Heirloom Art & Co.

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