Sibylle von Olfers Books

$ 18.95


Story of the Root Children

Throughout the winter, deep within the earth lie the sleeping root children. As spring comes along, they must arise and work hard to get new dresses sewn and insects painted. When summer makes its way, the root children are free to play in ponds, meadows and more. These seasonal children collaborate and leave many wonders for families to enjoy in this magical children's story book.


Measures 6.7" x 5.7" and 28 pages.



Story of the Wind Children

Waiting for a breeze to take his toy sails away, George makes friends with an spirited wild child in this magical tale. From watching dandelions sway in the breeze to soaring in new adventures, this classic children's book will leave little hearts full of wonder and imagination.


4.9" x 6.7".

24 pages.



Story of the Butterfly Children

Far away in a beautiful kingdom live the butterfly children. With beautiful illustrations, they must await their first day of spring and learn about the many colored flowers. This seasonal tale shares the journey of singing and dancing caterpillars to soaring butterflies as they learn and grow in this touching tale.

Revised Edition.


Measures 11.8" x 10.0".

28 pages.