Summery Landscape at Wittlaer by Max Clarenbach

$ 12,500.00

Discover these captivating landscape pieces by Max Clarenbach, a renowned landscape painter whose works continue to enchant art enthusiasts worldwide. Immerse yourself in the beauty a picturesque countryside scene where lush green meadows extend as far as the eye can see, gently undulating under the touch of a warm breeze. "Summery Landscape at Wittalaer" is a breathtaking masterpiece that transports you to a tranquil moment in time kissed by the sun.

Max Clarenbach's artistic brilliance shines through his vibrant colors and gentle brushstrokes, capturing the essence of nature's serenity. With a rich legacy in the arts, Clarenbach's profound impact extends to the Olympic Games, where painting once played a role in celebrating culture and human achievements.

Did you know that painting was a part of the Olympics? From 1912 to 1948, the Olympic Games included artistic competitions alongside sports events. These competitions aimed to promote artistic expression and cultural achievements and were held in various categories, including architecture, literature, music, sculpture, and painting.

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Details on the back: Sommerliche Landschaft bei Wittlaer by Max Clarenbach

Measures 38.5" x 31" framed and 31" x 23.5" unframed.

Made of oil paint on board.