Santa Lucia Paper Garland

$ 24.00


The story of Santa Lucia, the bearer of light, is one that children all over the world relive each year on December 13th. Wearing a crown of candles and singing the songs of light and Christmas bring a sense of warmth and sweetness to the season. Lucia's story was told extensively in Scandinavia as Christians made their way North. Many in these regions already had celebrations of light, and winter solstice, during the same time of year.

When they heard Lucia's story, they also wanted to honor her light. Scandinavians have developed their own traditions around celebrating this holiday. This garland is a playful way to bring the tradition into your home with drawings of lussekatter (the traditional buns eaten), a Swedish Dala horse, a candle, a pine bough, and Lucia. 

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Please note, every garland is hand-printed so may vary slightly from the photograph, this just adds to the charm!


Set of 10 paper shapes, sewn along a strong cotton thread.

Measures 3 meters long.

Made of paper screen printed by hand on both sides.

Made in Jaipur.