Presentation of Jesus at the Temple by James Tissot

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Forty days after the birth of Jesus, Jewish tradition required that he be brought to the temple and that Mary be purified after birth. At the temple, there was a blood sacrifice required, two turtle doves. There were two people that were witnesses that day to the divinity of Jesus. The first was Simeon, who had been promised he would live until he had seen the Lord. When he met the babe, he prophesied of much that would come. Similarly, the prophetess Anna, was also there that day. She too recognized Jesus as her Lord and eventual Savior.

The frames are finished size 14" x 14", however, please note that the art piece is approximate a 5" x 7" print that has been matted and then framed.

All frames are custom-made and take approximately 8 weeks to be completed.


Giclee print on heavy, textured watercolor paper.

Printed in Utah.