Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain

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Mark Twain considered this his life's work, but few have ever heard of it. We can't recommend this book more highly. 

We don't want to tell much about the book because the delight was in knowing very little when we picked it up. We will, however, tell you some of the magic Twain weaves into his version of her story. One splendid element of this book is that it is written from the fictional point of view of Joan’s childhood friend and later personal secretary. This was a brilliant decision and one that impacts the entire tone of the book and allows for instructive character creation. Few are more lovable than little Joan from Domremy and we are privileged through Twain’s creation to bask in her twinkling childhood before launching into her divinely directed mission and undaunted adolescence.

Our invitation to you is two-fold. First, read the book. We think you will love it. Second and harder, try to discern what themes are playing out in your life and what action is required of you.

Give to: Your mother or a dear friend who exemplifies kindness, courage and purity. Anyone who loves France or just anyone. 

Give with: A box of tissues.

Give as: A get-well-soon gift to a loved one who is bedridden or as a graduation gift for someone you know will make the world a better place.

You can view an illustrated copy of Joan of Arc here.

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