Miniature Flower Press

$ 34.00


Press the blooms, blossoms, and leaves you find as souvenirs of your wanderings through the spring. Our mini flower press features tiny flower-girls, each holding ribbons and blooms, resting against the stems of daffodils. Modeled after Scandinavian antique flower presses, hand-drawn and colored, this press is tiny enough to throw in a rucksack for afternoons in the mountains, to bring in a suitcase for foreign flowers, or to keep on a bookshelf.

For a larger option, shop our Blumenpresse here.

Give to: The nostalgic lover of little things. 

Give as: We love giving it to little ladies or mothers who remind us of poppies, peonies, and sunflowers. 


Measures 3" x 3".

Made of engraved wooden plates with brass hardware.