Mini Botanical Necklaces

$ 105.00

Pressing flowers is an ancient art and a science. During the age of classical Greece and Rome, pressed flower specimens were gathered in the wild and brought back to be studied and analyzed. The tradition of pressing flowers remained in used for centuries in this form.  During the nineteenth century, flower pressing became a hobby amongst men and women, as a means to capture and contain the wiles of nature or to preserve memories; flowers from a wedding or given by a loved one. 

While pressing flowers is an enjoyable pastime, these pressed flower necklaces capture the beauty and simplicity of the art. Real flowers captured between glass and encased by a delicate branch motif, in gold vermeil, allowing the wearer to feel refreshed  and refinement. 

Each flower has a different meaning, therefore beware of your choice.

Coral Bells: challenge  
Give as:  motivation to a friend overcoming something difficult

Lobelia: malevolence, protection  
Give: hesitantly

Forget-Me-Not: remembrance  
Give in:  memory of good times and good people

Orange blossom: your purity equals your loveliness  
Give to:  a daughter to reminder of her true worth

Baby’s Breath (white & multicolored): pure in heart
Give as: a wedding gift or a reminder to be good

Clover: luck, be mine
Give to: someone down on their luck

Goldenrod: encouragement, growth, and determination
Give on: the eve of a job interview or a big exam

Field flowers (Queen Anne’s Lace): sanctuary
Give in: a quiet moment when compassion fills you

Wildflowers (Fern Leaf and Baby’s breath): sincerity and innocence
Give to: someone with a exuberant and happy disposition

Sweet Blossom (Alyssum and Bridalwreath): Worth beyond beauty
Give as: a reminder that the thing that counts the most is not what is most visible to the eye

Made in Hawaii. 
Made of 18k Gold Vermeil
Mini measures .5" diameter