Little Libraries

$ 29.99


In the Little Library collections, illustrator and author, Tabitha Paige, endeavors to create engaging material for children. As a speech-language pathologist and mother, she has worked to design and bring to life a book that is both beautiful, educational, and functional for tiny tots. Each book contains instructional information for parents on how to utilize the book to help your children develop communication skills such as language comprehension, verbal communication. She has methodically planned the use of words to allow children to learn spatial words, quantity words, action words, descriptive words, and basic vocabulary. The language development concepts are even underlines in each book to help parents emphasize it for the child. We are in awe at the genius and beauty that is behind this precious collection. 


Set of 3 books in Our Little Adventures (case included). 

Set of 5 books in Our Little Library (case included). 

Measures 5.5” x 6.5”.

Cloth-bound board book. 

For ages 0-5. (Instructions given for how to use the book for each age).