Patchwork Quilts

$ 310.00


It seems that every time a quilt comes out of the cupboard, love and memories unfold with it. I think of my ancestors wrapped in a favorite quilt to stave off bitter winds. I think of a mother wrapping her crying infant late at night. I think of picnics and blanket forts where the quilt was an essential part.

Quilting is becoming a lost art. It has been years since I have seen the quilting frame set up in the great room of my grandmother's house. While I love and admire the craft of quilting, I think there is inherent value in being given a quilt for momentous occasions, homemade or lovingly purchased. This patchwork quilt is handmade so it has the feel of one you made yourself. It's cotton and the perfect weight for a bed or for a blanket fort.

Patchwork quilt.


Measures 70" x 54".

Made of 100% cotton.

Made in Japan.