Happy Birthday Banner

$ 32.00

Birthday preparation can be taxing as you search for meaningful and fun decorations. Celebrate your loved one's special day with our Happy Birthday Banner. Show them your love and brighten up their day with this simple and timeless decoration. It's the perfect way to make their day even more memorable.

Cambridge Imprint make patterned paper, stationery and homeware with a sophisticated palette and a distinctively English sensibility. Their papers are printed in clear, intense, beautiful colors, and draw on a range of influences from Bloomsbury and the Arts and Crafts movement to mid-century modernism. Their signature simplicity and directness of mark is paired with meticulous attention to quality of color and detail.


Thirteen large double-sided patterned card letters which spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Letters are 185 mm tall and makes approximately 2-3 meters of garland

Thread not included 

Made in England

Entire product is fully biodegradable and recyclable