French Landscape Votive

$ 68.00


In the middle of France, the city of Limoges, was anciently a bustling city center of the Roman Empire. Later it was the the epicenter of arts and royal wars with the Abbey and library of Saint Martial, the coronation site of the Dukes of Aquitaine during the middle ages. But slowly, the population dwindled, nearly fading to obscurity, when kaolin, a chalky white mineral used in making porcelain was discovered nearby in 1768. Once more Limoges was revived to become one of the most famous centers for porcelain production during the 19th century. 

While a once thriving porcelain industry has diminished in the last hundred years, there are still a few who craft beautiful objects in porcelain. These stunning votive candles are are etched in areas to where the porcelain is nearly translucent allowing light from a candle to filter through and reveal stunning images like Mont Saint Michel or Paris Along the Seine. 

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Includes one scented tea light candle.

Measures 2.95" in height and 4.3" diameter.

Made of fine porcelain.

Made in France.

Care instructions: Clean using the soft side of a scrub sponge, warm water, and regular dishwashing liquids. However, make sure never to use the abrasive side of the sponge.