Folks & Fables: A Halloween Tradition

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Born out of an idea to connect REAL dead people to their REAL progeny we set out to create a Halloween Tradition that would delight and educate. Our goal being to turn young hearts to their fathers. You may not know that October is also Family History month. Goules and Grandparents. Here is how it works at our house...

Sometime at the beginning of October we bring Boo out of storage. This is prompted by the kids. We take a minute to sit down and review the pedigree chart that comes with it. We try and remember names. We added an ancestral memory game that pairs photos of our parents and grandparents to help us. My wife had it made through shutterfly and they did a lovely job. So the first step is just to get the names in their heads.

Throughout the month of October Boo escapes his tin several times at night (this does not happen every night and making it random actually makes it more fun for our little ones and way easier on us). While Boo is out at night he finds mementos of our ancestors. Sometimes it is just a photo but most the time it is an object that reminds us of a story. For my grandpa Jack it is those pink mints that are the size of a thick quarter and the color Pepto-Bismal. For my grandma Gwa it is a thing of red lipstick or he is stuck in the cookie jar. The idea is that whatever Boo finds prompts a simple or lavish story. 

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