Chip Box Villages and Train

$ 90.00


Complete Village: A quaint and cute miniature German village, this wooden set can serve as decor for your home or even a portable playset for older children. 

Seiffen: This little wooden village depicts the church and charming little homes of Seiffen, Germany.

Train: The most quaint and aesthetically pleasing train you may ever come across. Although it may be small, it is mighty! A perfect gift for the mother who adores European miniatures, or an older child who has an interest in railroad cars. Pairs well with our tiny wooden villages.

Give to: your eight-year-old granddaughter or your mother who loves all things European. 

Give with: a handwritten note. 

Give as: a gift to celebrate your German heritage or as a collective gift for all your girls to play with.



  • Buildings: 2" to 1" in height
  • Train: 5" in length
  • Trees: 1" in height

Made of wood.

Made in Germany.