Brienz Chalet Cuckoo Clock

$ 570.00

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There are few objects that spark as much wonder as cuckoo clocks. The Brienz Chalet Cuckoo Clock from Swiss clockmaker Loetscher has a special story. Nestled high in the Berner Oberland in the heart of the Swiss alps you will find the woodworking village of Brienz.

There beside the lake, the only Swiss clockmaker in existence today still carves and paints their clocks by hand, a tradition that has been passed down from grandfather to granddaughter for one hundred years.

These clocks are modeled after the Swiss chalets that dot the hillsides of the alps, with red geraniums bursting from their balconies, piles of wood chopped and neatly stacked beneath their stairways, and lace curtains in all their windows.

Like the craft of clockmaking itself, these clocks are built to be passed down for generations: sand and stone from the lake beside the workshop are used for the clocks' ornamentation, the linden wood has been aged for years to prevent the warping and cracking of time, and the internal clockworks are monitored and finely tuned for weeks to ensure perfect timekeeping.

This is truly a keepsake for anyone who has been to Switzerland, has ancestors from Switzerland, or dreams of going someday.

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Mechanical clockworks (not battery-powered).

Cuckoo chimes every half hour.

Includes a manual switch to silence chime.

Run one day before chains need to be wound again.

Ornamentation is hand-painted and hand-carved, so each clock is unique.


Measures 9" x 8".

Made of wood.

Made in Switzerland.