Americana Flags & Bunting

$ 48.00


Flags and Bunting will be back in stock July 20.

Add a festive touch to your celebrations with our Americana Flags and Bunting! Celebrate America's birthday this year with a festive display of flags and bunting.

Flags have played a prominent role throughout history, serving as symbols of identity, pride, and unity for nations, organizations, and causes. The origins of flags can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where colorful banners were used in battle as rallying points. Over time, flags evolved as a visual representation of the unique attributes of different regions and cultures, incorporating emblems, colors, and patterns specific to their respective societies. They evoke a sense of patriotism, solidarity, and belonging, inspiring individuals to rally behind their flag and defend the ideals it embodies. 

Being a newly formed country in 1776, the United States of America was infantile regarding its belief system, government, culture, and identity. Previously known as the Thirteen Colonies, each of the original states had operated under their own government and had their unique flag. To unite the colonies, a committee consisting of George Washington, Robert Morris, and George Ross approached Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross with a request to design and sew the first official flag of the new nation. Working diligently, Ross meticulously crafted the flag with thirteen alternating red and white stripes to represent the original colonies and a blue canton in the upper left corner with thirteen white stars, symbolizing unity and hope. Betsy Ross's skillful needlework brought the vision of the Founding Fathers to life, giving birth to the iconic American flag that continues to inspire and evoke pride to this day.


Made of cotton fabric.
Flag measures 60" x 36".
Banner measures
20" x 96".
Bunting measures
59" x 30".