Just weeks ago, my son, my adorable two-foot tale of trouble, my crawling carbon copy, celebrated his first birthday. We gathered our close family together and threw him a party. Somewhere between him ignoring the new toys his grandparents gifted him in favor of playing with an empty plastic water bottle and hiding his face out of bashfulness as we sang him “Happy Birthday”, it occurred to me extra deeply on that day that I was his father. It caused me to feel the weight of responsibility I have. I am the person entrusted with teaching him life’s important lessons and instilling within him a desire to be the best version of himself. 

It caused me to reflect on the example set by my own father. While I don’t believe people are perfect, in my child's eyes, he often was. That was due to the way that he loved fiercely, worked tirelessly, and sacrificed wholeheartedly for the happiness of his family. Being a parent is not a simple task, something I have quickly been learning. It makes me more grateful for the good example of fatherhood that he provided me, as well as all the sacrifices of good men who paved the way for young fathers like myself.

My father is always thinking of what he can do for others, and he rarely ever asks for anything himself. With Father’s Day coming up, it can be difficult to know what to get him to show my appreciation. You may feel like you’re having the same dilemma as me. 

I’ve found it helpful to look for ways to improve the overall quality of his life, even if it’s a seemingly small part of his life. Getting him something that is functional and useful, can turn a small moment in his life into a meaningful experience each day. These are things he might not have thought to ask for himself but will fall in love with.

This is a list of things your father doesn’t know he needs, but he'll be sure to fall in love with:

C.S. Lewis Hardcover Set: English writer Samuel Johnson said, “Curiosity is the thirst of the soul.” When I think of the greatest men I know, they all have one thing in common. They have curious minds who continually seek inspiration and knowledge. There are plenty of books that help fulfill that purpose, but I have always found the works of C.S. Lewis to quench the thirst Samuel Johnson wrote about. Even if it’s something of C.S. Lewis’s I’ve read before, I walk away feeling inspired by his thoughtful musings on the human experience. This four-book hardcover set contains the books The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, A Grief Observed, and The Great Divorce, making it ideal to give to someone with an inquisitive soul.

Berry Colander: When I initially got this for myself, I didn’t anticipate using it nearly as much as I do. It’s become a staple in my kitchen, getting used multiple times a week, especially when berries are in season. It’s far superior to any similar plastic or silicone colander I’ve owned in the past. It doesn’t wear down like cheaper alternatives can, lasting me years with no signs of wear or deterioration. It’s a go-to gift for a gardener.

Scottish Wool Throw: Everyone uses a blanket, but the difference it makes when you invest in a high-quality one is well worth it. These heritage wool throws are woven in Elgin, Scotland. Each blanket has a double face in colors inspired by the Scottish landscapes, making it versatile for any space. The brushed lambswool creates the softest (not itchiest!) texture. We’ve found that they truly add to the experience of curling up on the couch on a crisp evening to read a good book.

Gentleman's Umbrella: There seems to be a misconception floating around that using an umbrella is an unmanly thing to do. I’m not sure when people started believing that getting drenched by spring showers was a better alternative, but I’m convinced those who hold that belief simply haven’t found the right umbrella yet. These Gentleman’s Umbrellas solve that quandary by being a true blend of elegance and functionality. Each umbrella boasts a unique animal figure or a smooth maple crook on its handle, redefining any stigma that exists about a man using an umbrella.

Copper Tea Kettle: A tea kettle makes a splendid Father's Day gift, transforming the simple act of making tea into a cherished ritual. Imagine your father gently lifting the kettle, its gleaming copper surface catching the morning light, and placing it on the stove. As it heats, the water begins to simmer, filling the kitchen with tranquility. The rich, warm hue of the copper not only adds a touch of elegance to his kitchen but also offers superior heat conductivity.

Wooden Pepper Mill: Did you know peppercorns were once used as currency? Especially in Europe during the Middle Ages, black pepper was such a high commodity that it was often called “black gold”.  Fresh ground pepper enhances a meal in a way that pre-ground black pepper can’t quite accomplish. Couple this pepper mill along with some quality peppercorns for a gift that will turn a routine part of cooking into something to look forward to. 


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June 07, 2024 — Tyler Johanson

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