Fortunately by Remy Charlip

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Children will delight in the action-packed adventures of a daring, determined little boy named Ned.  Ned “fortunately got a letter that said ‘Please Come to a Surprise Party. But unfortunately the party was in Florida and he was in New York.”  Told with a light-hearted touch and lots of whimsy, this picture book could easily become a family favorite.  The turn of each page will surprise little readers as they play along and enjoy the silly situations Ned finds himself in.  Who can ignore how Ned might feel as he free-falls from a plane headed straight for an upright pitch fork sticking out of a haystack!

Note: Because of its popularity this picture book was in continuous publication for 30 years.

Mr. Charlip was a dancer, choreographer, and children’s book author and illustrator.  “I love sequence, how one thing follows another.  When you’re reading to a child he can’t wait to get to the next page. ‘Turn the page, turn the page!’ That’s because each new page is a door to another, different world.” Charlip called this book a “rambunctious dance”  through space. After studying dance he joined a corp of dancers that formed the Merce Cunningham Dance Co.


Would you like to go to a surprise birthday party like this little boy? Read and see what happens to him!

Love, Grandpa 

Gift with: a toy airplane or a birthday cake (a day early.)

Give to: a child who loves an adventure

Occasion: a birthday, a plane trip/road trip, or visit from a relative.


Measures 10.29" x 7.53" x 0.4".

Made of paper and hardcover.