Client Care Specialist

Job Description

Heirloom Art Co’s online store is our largest sales channel. The Customer Care Specialist builds relationships with current and potential clientele by being the main point of contact for our online customer base and affiliates. Their objective is to inform, educate, and resolve customer complications through uplifting and positive interactions.


  • Cheerfully respond to customer service inquiries via email, webchat, and the occasional phone call.
  • Work with the shipping team to coordinate and resolve the fulfillment of delayed and problem orders. 
  • Keep a detailed log of order errors to aid the shipping team with training.
  • Improve the overall customer experience by streamlining and innovating current customer care processes.
  • Develop a community and promotional strategy using our affiliate marketing program to discover and maintain affiliate relations. 


  • Exceptional written and verbal communication. As the main point of contact for many customers, the customer care specialist is expected to be well-spoken and professional.
  • Organized and detail-oriented. The resolution of customer issues and questions is the responsibility of the customer care team. Making sure we can respond in a timely and correct manner is key to success in this role.
  • Problem solver. While we have procedures and processes in place to guide our customer care team, there are situations where problem-solving will be put to the test in order to achieve the most favorable outcome. 
  • Experience with Shopify (preferred)

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Manager of Logistics

Job Description

Heirloom Art Co’s online store is our largest sales channel. Our customer’s shopping experience relies on the efficiency and effectiveness of our fulfillment center. We consider the efficiency and precision of our warehouses to be one of our company’s greatest assets. To create the best customer experience, we count on an exceptionally talented, bright, and dedicated warehouse team. Currently, we’re seeking a warehouse manager to supervise all warehouse operations, including overseeing team performance, expediting the receiving and shipping of goods, and ensuring efficient, organized storage. By streamlining all warehouse activities, this detail-oriented leader will drive overall profitability and customer satisfaction—two of the main goals of our company.


The ideal candidate is exceptionally detail-oriented and able to track multiple facets of the warehouse at any given time. He or she must achieve inventory accuracy, coordinate shipping processes, track shipping times and costs, and train and troubleshoot a team of warehouse employees, while ensuring quality standards are met in each operation.


Objectives of this Role

  • Ensure the warehouse operates at peak efficiency, with customer satisfaction being the primary goal, by supervising, organizing, directing, and training warehouse employees and establishing, monitoring, and managing operation goals
  • Oversee daily operations of order fulfillment (picking, packing), inventory management (receiving, handling, storing), and warehouse logistics, ensuring quality standards are met at every turn
  • Develop operational systems for shipping and handling, warehouse storage and organization, and inventory management.
  • Establish standards and short- and long-term goals for all warehouse operations.
  • Train and manage a warehouse team to solve day-to-day operational issues and reach short- and long-term performance goals
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing and enforcing standards and procedures and complying with legal regulations
  • Seek out new softwares and apps to improve processes and reduce costs
  • Report activity to the CEO


Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Implement operational policies and procedures
  • Implement and overseeing security operations
  • Supervise daily activities of the warehouse, including quality assurance, inventory control, space management, logistics, floor productivity, shipping, and customer service
  • Schedule and oversee warehouse team to meet the demands of the fulfillment center, and manage the flow and quality of work to maximize efficiency and minimize overtime; run biweekly payroll
  • Inspect equipment and supplies regularly, and oversee general maintenance and supply purchasing as needed
  • Analyze efficiency of warehouse operations, including postage, materials, and handling costs.
  • Meet regularly with warehouse leads to review, analyze, and develop actionable plans for productivity and loss prevention
  • Oversee and manage logistics used to transport products to customers (UPS/USPS/DHL relationships) and internal facilities (Store Transfers); communicate with drivers and air partners to ensure efficient delivery of packages (both outbound and inbound)
  • Oversee receiving and stocking of product


Skills and Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree or higher
  • 3+ years experience in a warehouse lead role managing hourly employees
  • Proficient knowledge of warehouse procedure and policy
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and leadership qualities
  • Ability to work with all levels of company staff
  • Comfortable delivering frequent direct written and oral feedback
  • Keen analytical and logistical skills
  • Proficient computer skills (specifically Excel and Mac); proficiency with learning new software (Shopify)
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Outstanding leadership, organizational, multitasking and problem-solving skills.
  • Available to work extended hours Oct - Dec
  • A good understanding of the industry’s leading software systems
  • An ability to research and invest in automation
  • A head for analysis that supports good customer service

Preferred Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in engineering or logistics
  • Mastery of Excel
  • Familiarity with Shopify

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Website & Social Media Content Manager

Heirloom Art Co’s online store is our largest sales channel. We are looking for a Website & Social Media Content Manager who has a passion for storytelling, strong copywriting and editing skills, and thrives on meticulous digital organization. This is a full-time position (30+ hours) and would require 2 days a week in person at our offices in Provo, UT but also offers remote flexibility for 3 days a week. 


—Write copy for public facing media channels including but not limited to: website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, emails, blog posts, etc.

—Provide copy editing for creative marketing materials including emails, product descriptions, social media posts, blog posts, etc. 

—Manage seasonal website updates and changes including but not limited to reviewing all products in a collection launch, updating the website homepage using existing creative assets, and managing product tagging and website navigation.

—Overseeing new product arrivals and the process of writing descriptions and details for new product arrivals with SEO rich content to be used across multiple brand channels.

—Collaborate with the Creative Director to tell product and brand stories through product descriptions, Instagram posts, website layout, and more. Regular meetings to review general marketing initiatives and storytelling ideation.

—Assisting in creating a weekly editorial calendar for social media and website, including research and advice on new trends and platforms the brand should be engaging with.

—Daily posting and interaction on social media (including weekends)

—Embrace the Heirloom Art Co. brand voice, tone, and help communicate with our community

This position will report to the Creative Director. 


  • 1-2 years of copywriting experience with a direct to consumer brand or agency
  • The ability to do contextual research and turn that research into a compelling product or brand story
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and storytelling skills
  • Organization and managing multiple priorities in a digital sphere
  • Strong computer skills—familiarity with Shopify and Adobe Suite. 
  • Experience in website design/management with SEO training
  • An eye for design and visual storytelling with existing creative assets
  • Experience managing social media posts, cadence, and creation

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Store Manager

The Store Manager leads the team by connecting with customers through an omni-channel retail experience.  Their goal is to create an environment that is engaging, educational and inspiring to driving sales and foster continual team development to create a natural culture of creativity, collaboration, innovation, trust, and tradition.  

Customer Experience

  • Customer Engagement: cultivates a welcoming environment by focusing primarily on exceptional and genuine customer experiences that are uplifting, efficient, and result in sincere friendship
  • Service and Selling Culture: utilizes best practices and innovates strategies to empower and reinforce a service and selling culture; motivates all to cultivate customer relationships by specific training and example.
  • Multi-Channel Experience: leads the team to provide a frictionless customer experience by utilizing technology to transact in the moment and exceed customer expectations.
  • Community Impact: fosters a meaningful connection to the community by networking with local businesses, artists, and organizations to identify potential opportunities for community engagement and store events.
  • Emphasis on Education: encourages deep learning by connecting the team and customers with the brand through product interaction, virtual engagement, event promotion, and workshop participation.

Leadership + Team Management 

  • Invest in Talent: develops a proactive talent strategy and interviews regularly to build a network of talent to add creative ability and experience to the team
  • Engagement and Retention: engages the team to fuel growth; partners with other leaders to facilitate thoughtful onboarding for all new hires to drive a strong brand, customer and store connection
  • Development: prioritizes team growth by effectively scheduling time allocated for development; identifies brand related initiatives for employee recognition, and team-building. 

Visual + Business Operations

  • Manage Operations: oversees and collaborates with the leadership team to plan a strategic approach to daily, weekly, and monthly operating procedures; actively assesses sales forecasts, staff scheduling, and payroll management and adjusts accordingly
  • Ownership and Accountability: assesses store business using company reporting tools to identify opportunities for the store and brand while empowering the team to make strategic and creative sales-impacting decisions.
  • Visual Execution: guides and supports the creative process to ensure timely and effective execution of visual merchandising and display while maintain a high standard of cleanliness throughout the store.
  • Product Flow: ensures product flow processes including timely shipment of store product, store/warehouse transfers are prioritized and executed efficiently to positively impact sales and the customer experience. 

Communication + Relationships  

  • Communication Leader: fosters open communication and teamwork to ensure a collaborative environment; responds to all communication in a timely manner and ensures important company information reaches all levels of the team
  • Scheduling Expectations: educates the team on scheduling expectations while maintaining team availability, requests off, and skill set to ensure scheduling equality and ideal staffing levels
  • Feedback Loop: provides store and product insights related to the customer experience and store team to leadership on a consistent and systematic basis. 

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