Cranberry Holiday Books by Wende & Harry Devlin

$ 19.95


This husband and wife duo co-authored and illustrated a comic strip and several children's books. They also each maintained their own illustration careers and raised seven children from their hilltop farm in Mountainside, NJ.

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Cranberry Christmas:

Cranberryport is the fictional town featured in Devlin's charming Cranberry book series. Enjoy each holiday in Cranberryport with Mr. Whiskers, Maggie, and many other beloved characters. These books have become family favorites in our home. 

As Christmas quickly approaches, the children of Cranberryport are excited to skate on the frozen pond, that is until a grumpy member of the town claims the pond as his own and stops anyone from skating there. It appears it will be a dreary holiday until Mr. Whiskers and some friends of his discover something that helps turn a potentially disappointing holiday into a fun-filled time.

As with all of the books in the Cranberry series, this book comes with a scrumptious recipe on the back for a cranberry treat.

Cranberry Halloween: 

The citizens of Cranberryport eagerly raise money to rebuild the town dock by Halloween. All goes well until two townspeople in charge of bringing the money to a Halloween party run into some trouble with pirates! This heartwarming story includes a recipe for a delicious cranberry dessert.


Measures 8.24" x 10.2".