Santa Lucia Crowns and Candles

$ 18.00


The story of Santa Lucia, the bearer of light, is one that children relive each year on December 13th. Wearing a crown of candles and singing the songs of light and Christmas bring a sense of warmth and sweetness to the season. Read here to hear more about the tradition and what we like to do to celebrate.

Often, it is the eldest daughter who bears the crown, delivering saffron buns to family members and friends. The brass crown is a beautiful heirloom version, to which greenery may be added each year. Or for a simpler style, use the plastic battery crown and the attendant candle. If you love the brass crown but are hesitant to wear it, it can also be used as a centerpiece for your table.

Candles for the brass crown are sold separately here. 

Or for a shorter candle use these 20mm candles here.



  • Plastic Crowns: adjustable to 22", batteries not included
  • Brass Crowns: adjustable circumference 21.5" to 23.5", diameter 7.5" for a total height (without candles) of 5.5"

Made of plastic and brass.

Made in Sweden.