Italian Children's Nativity

$ 15.00


In Italy, "presepi" or nativity scenes are a big part of the tradition. Starting December 8th, The Day of Immaculate Conception, Italians designate a space in their home to their sweeping Nativity landscape. It includes peasants, village buildings, and lots of animals. In the cold winter evenings that precede Christmas, it is nice to share with children the story of the birth of Jesus. 

These charming Italian figurines are all made of plastic but then painted by hand in Italy. Despite being miniature in size, all of the proportions are reduced without neglecting the details and classical positions of the nativity scene. These figures are particularly suitable for creating landscapes and classic miniature settings of the Neapolitan style. 

Italian sculptors first designed the figurines in wax and modeled them by hand. Each piece is a small work of art, as it is taken from the wax figurine to the metal mold, the plastic figurine, and finally taken to be hand-painted.

Figurines may vary slightly from photographs.

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Made of plastic.

Made in Italy.

Pieces measure 2 - 4 inches.