Festive Paper Cones by Carl Larsson

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Traditions of giving in small ways and to those nearest and dearest are among our most favorite. Our series of paper cones, designed in collaboration with Elysian Designs, is intended to help you elevate even the simplest favors while keeping things simple and affordable. We chose the art of Swedish artist Carl Larsson for reasons we hope are obvious. Rich with life and living, his work tells his own family story so well inviting us to create and preserve our own tales of simple gatherings, wanderings, and candlelight.

Valentine's Day: Fill with flowers or sweets and share with loved ones.

May Day Posie: Paper cones

Celebrations abound across continents and centuries on the first of May.  May Day posies (tiny flower arrangements) hanging on the doors of sweethearts and loved ones inspired this series. Our method: Enjoy cutting and taping the cones at home on the still-chill evenings of April. On May first, gather small bunches of local flowers, and leave them hanging all over the neighborhood.

Schultute: Back-to-school paper cones

Starting in the early 1800's the grandparents or godparents in most German-speaking areas of Europe would make a beautifully decorated paper cone for a child's first day of school. Children were told that when the fruit is ripe (full of school supplies and sweets) on the Schultuten-Baum, it is time to go to school. Each school designated a tree to hang the school cones.

Our Method: Fill one of these tiny paper cones with school supplies and of course a treat. Arrive early (or send via post) to the home of a loved child.

Christmas Tree Ornaments: paper cones

A centuries-old Danish tradition of making paper cones to adorn the Christmas tree lives on. Covering the tree with paper cones filled with chocolate, nuts, and other treats makes decorating the tree even more exciting.

Our method: Blend this tradition into your own existing traditions. Party favors for a family gathering or annual Christmas party, extra tasty decorations magically appear on Christmas morning, or dance around the tree by candlelight while munching away.

Needs to be cut, glued, and filled with wildflowers or a few blooms from the garden. They are perfect to hang on a door handle and simply remind someone that they are loved.


Set of 4 paper cones and handles.

Made of dual-sided heavy matte paper.

Made in Utah.